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Onze gegevens:
Reni van Maren
Bakkersstraat 32 A
1525PW Westknollendam

KVK: 58994831
BTW: NL131296243B02

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Terms of Registration:
Reni van Maren appreciates fan sites like to publish photos of their favourite celebrities however, Reni van Maren and its photographers go to a lot of time, trouble and expense to take these photos and we do not permit sites to publish the photos, even with a watermark (sometimes called a .tag.) without having agreed to pay our standard fees.
Reni van Maren is continually engaged in negotiations for the global distribution and syndication of its images and by publishing our photos without permission, fan sites compromise Reni van Maren's position and the eventual value of the images, for which Reni van Maren will seek compensation from you.
We can, however make an arrangement with you to publish Reni van Maren's photos . for further details please contact INFO@RENIVANMAREN.NL with full details of your site and which photos you require. Our sales team will be pleased to discuss terms with you.
If you elect not to take this option and you publish Reni van Maren's photos without permission we will regrettably have to place the matter in the hands of our lawyers who will immediately issue proceedings against you without further notice.